G R A H A M  G I L B E R T

My workshop is at the wonderful  Hannah's at Seale-Hayne.

One of my great joys is playing music, especially with my madcap friends in the Crazy Rhythm Boys jazz band.  We are available for  weddings, funerals, or if you just want to have fun! You can see and hear us on www.crazyrhythmboys.co.uk

If you love our woodlands as much as I do please support the work of The Woodland Trust www.woodland-trust.org.uk

Visit our beautiful South Hams! - www.visitsouthdevon.co.uk

Creative Torbay - Creative and cultural networking site where some of my work is also displayed. - www.creativetorbay.com

Art Devon - More talent from the West Country. Some of my stuff is on here as well. - www.artdevon.com

Hurfar  Engineering - the people who designed & manufactured our card display rack and print browser. - www.hurfar.co.uk

Model Rail UK - John Ruskin said "Life without industry in guilt. Industry without art is Brutality".  What is the link between model railways and art? Well, for years the train companies, such as the GWR, LNER, & Southern Railway, commissioned top graphic & commercial artists to produce posters that advertised outings to the coast, moorlands and cities. They were seen on stations, hoardings and in periodicals and were part of the fabric of life. Today they are popular on postcards.

So it’s natural that friends with different backgrounds – engineering, painting & photographic art – can appreciate and enjoy each other’s industry. Take the time to look at the art and design in a scale model street lamp and the industry that goes into producing a painting. - www.modelrailuk.co.uk  


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